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How to Pick the Right plus Size Outfit According to your Body Type

How to Pick the Right Plus Size Outfit According to your Body Type

It has always been a myth in bodacious women that they ought to hide their flaws in loose clothing rather than show them beautifully. We have been telling you about many stylish ideas by which you can keep yourself in vogue with rest of the popular body type women.

Not every curvy girl out there have ever analyzed her own body type in order to select the right outfit for her.  She has been putting all her energy into thinking about reducing or hiding it, rather than showing it elegantly and proudly. But, No more! Stand now in front of that mirror in your room and ask yourself, ‘who’s the fairest of ‘em all?’

Judge your body shape and categories are available as following to help you pick your next shopping. Let us know if you need any help in guiding you any more about the body shapes, but we are sure you’ll get a lot post reading this and dilemma on what to buy and what not to buy will no more be about the plus size dresses in your list.

Plus size Hourglass Body Type

If you have a naturally thinner waist then the heavy upper and lower part of your body, you are one of this body type. This is a very famous body type and a common one too. A name that comes right to our mind while thinking of hourglass figure is, Kim Kardashian. Many more celebrities like Christina Hendricks or Sofia Vergara have been carrying their fabulous curvy bodies in style since years. All you have to do is choose wisely the right jeans, top or dress for your figure. Believe us, you’re gifted with this type even if you’re a plus size woman.

Your goal should be to show your curves but in the most elegant manner. Chose V-neck or sweetheart necklines to slim down the bust. Use belts, wear wrap dresses or A-line dresses to show off the curves perfectly. Wear a good bra with fitted clothing and don’t’ go for baggy clothes. You can wear high waist skirts or skinny leg jeans. Also, try to pick light fabrics and pair your most dresses with a little heel.

A Quick-look at the plus size outfits for this body type: 
  • Fit and Flare Dresses
  • Retro outfits
  • Peplum Tops
  • Bodycon dresses

Apple Shape Plus Size Body

If you have an average bust size but a waist that is undefined. And your thighs and legs are thinner than the top, this is your body type- Apple shape. You gotta shoot on showing off your legs or lips like Drew Barrymore, but that’s not an outfit thing. LOL! Concentrate on elongating your torso by wearing empire waist dresses or V-necklines. You would surely want a jacket or a cape when it’s a little cold.

Wear anything that gives your outfit a vertical flow, and strictly, do not wear high necklines or tight tops. Try to drive the on-lookers eyes away from your appley-tummy and show your legs off with short skirts, shorts or party dresses that are thigh length. Also, don’t forget to wear a very good fitting/uplifting bra to give your torso a beautiful shape.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Graceful yet Comfortable Evening Dress Ideas for Plus Size Girls

We are back with a season of parties and holidaying all day every day for another week. We already told you a few ideas for brunches and day-parties that you could have this season. But what about the special evenings this holiday? And why just this holiday, let us talk about all year’s evening parties with your beau, family, friends or colleagues.

Planning for an evening outfit is a tedious job for us, a.k.a., plus size women. But, we say you shouldn’t worry anymore because as much as you shy away from wearing stylish evening dresses, you will look more beautiful in them if worn right. Follow us with a smile!

Just a touch of right color, right neck cut and right fitting, you can rock the upcoming parties and make everyone gush around you. We will tell you a few secrets too with every idea, read them carefully and try to follow as much to make your girlfriends jealous. Of course, while talking about looking stylish, plus size outfits need to be comfortable and yet, elegant in their own sense. They should just hug your bodacious figure happily and let you spend hours in them with ease!

Have a look at them one-on-one:

That Perfect Embellished Black Dress you Always Longed

Every woman loves that one black dress that she can carry anywhere in any party or function. It’s time to buy that one special embellished black dress that you always wanted to wear without a fear of looking fat anymore. Try to pick a cocktail length with 3/4th sleeves and lots of sequins on it. Don’t shy away from shimmer for special evenings or you can get one with a little sequin detail on neck and body. Black will make you look elegant and the fitting will keep you comfortable all night. Match it up with strappy sandals that showcase simplicity.

Tip#1: If you want your black dress to be a little more chicky and outgoing, you can pick one with a leather finish. Your black dress can have side figure or applique of leather to make you look elegantly gutsy. 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

DIY Life Hacks: How to Transform Simple Outfits into the Trendy Ones

DIY Life Hacks: How to Transform Simple Outfits into the Trendy Ones

Not very long ago, I used to hate every outfit I had in my wardrobe. Nothing suited me or any occasion I went to, for their large size, solid boring colors and the style with which I wore them. I always wished for something like the supermodels wear and had an urge of more shopping. Only to result in more boring clothes which finally landed in carts after the disappointments from small sized ones.

However, I recently went through a lot of DIY tricks on the internet, I tried some, and found them really practical. Which led me to more experiments with my outfits. I tried to change a boring white tee shirt into something stylish, by ripping some parts of it and adding some dyes of pink shades and pearls to it. And it worked!! Miraculously, this tee shirt looked so chic and trendy on me. En plus, It takes care of the plus size factor and worked well on me.

This small trial made me realize that I could transform many of my outdated outfits into the trendy ones just by using some DIY tricks. All you want is an idea to change your regular old and simple outfits into trendy ones. And, after a series of experiments I have got a list of ideas that always work great and not only for me but for many other curvy girls like me out there.

This list has ideas that I believe would do the trick for you and make you look more fabulous without another expense on shopping. You can also convert some old household stuff into trendy accessories, or old sweaters/stoles in scarves.

Rip it and create a fabulous ragged Jeans

Rip it and create a fabulous ragged Jeans

Everywhere you see, you’ll find these expensive ragged jeans that are worn by celebrities or divas. You can also convert your regular jeans into something super-hot. Take a blade and rip the front of your jeans from knees or thighs, wherever you like. You can also choose what amount of rip you want. You can rag it largely or just a small amount to style it. We will suggest you, you chose a blue (Especially lighter shades) jeans to rag. Pair this with a white shirt, an overcoat and loafers for a street go. You can also pair it with glittery blouses for a night-out/party. These jeans will add much more fun to your regular dressing in no time or sewing.

Add a lace to Tees or Denim, give them elegance and style

It has been a common concept among plus size woman, that lace is not for them. Just don’t shy away from this and remove this myth from your mind. You can wear lace in any color and look as elegant and vogue as your friends. Also, you can add some lace to your old clothing to make them even more beautiful. You can rip off a regular tee shirt from the back and add some lace inside to make it look more designer. You can also ass some lace in halter to a boring tank top. For a more long lasting design, add a white lace to the cuffs of your old jeans or rip it and add it inside. You can then pair these with suede/leather counterparts.

Turn a tee into a cardigan and style it with a button down shirt to look slim figured

Double clothing is bulky but always good when opened and loose on the outer. It's slimming and designer for any day out. This idea can be implemented on a formal outfit too if the color is good. All you have to do is, take a pair of scissors and cut your woolen tee-shirt's front from the center. Cut it straight in line and sew the ends to make it look like a ready-made cardigan and add some buttons if you like. The pair it with a contrasting or matchy button down shirt. This outfit can work on all occasions, formal, semi-formal or casual. Try to pick a tee-shirt that is fitting your figure. This look is complete when paired with a skirt or trousers. You can also keep the cardigan buttons tight over the shirt and collar peep out.

DIY infinity scarf

A regular shawl or a stole that doesn’t look good while wrapped will definitely need this trick to go. You can cut the shawl or stole horizontally from center to keep its width less. Then sew the ends to each other fairly. Wrap this infinity scarf around your neck with a casual jacket or a long trench on a cold day. This will give your busty top a hide and show you figured and chic. If the stole if striped or flowery, it is a plus for such a trendy accessory on you. When you wrap it, don’t forget to twist it while wrapping. Let us know how much did you like your newly made, DIY infinity scarf!

Add some hearts or a cute pocket to your plain t-shirts

This is probably the easiest of all other tricks we showed so far. All you gotta do is chose a tee shirt with a good material but solid, and that you don’t like to wear for its boring no-design look. Cut a fabric in tiny heart pieces and paste/stitch them on this tee shirt haphazardly but distant to each other. You can choose any contrasting color and design your own cute tee shirt. If you don’t want it to be just hearts, you can mix different shapes like geometric squares, polka or triangle. You can also choose a single cut out of the moon and some stars to your black tea. Also, if not many cut outs, chose a fabric that is printed with cutesy prints and add a pocket of it on your solid tee. A floral pink printed pocket will look amazingly pretty on a white/baby blue t-shirt. Try now!

Cut slits in an old t-shirt (Strictly vertically) and add some slip inside to look like a fashionista

We may have told you many options for a t-shirt revelation now, but this is my favorite. It is strictly for a slimmer and casual look that you crave for on a Sunday brunch or a movie with friends. Cut slits on your boring t-shirt or a closed and thin cardigan. Rip it vertically, which can be a little tricky but you can do it under supervision. Don’t rip it much but a little to show a contrasting tank (slip) inside. Vertical stripes will highlight your bodacious figure with a slimming effect. Pair it with boots and a pair of jeans that you ripped by yourself.

Add some beads and make your old plus size outfits ravishing and glittering

Not just your old blouses, anything can be transformed into party wear clothing by adding some beads, buttons or pearls. But only in the right way and we will tell you how! On formal blouses, may it be checkered, polka dotted or striped, you can add some colorful beads on collar until 3 buttons downside. This will change your boring office shirt into an evening wear to put on later. On Jeans, you can add some starry buttons on one thigh and create a fancy bottom out of a simple one. For a slimming effect, you can add starry beads in vertical lines on your shirts and make them trendier.

Trendy cape out of an old geometric shawl

This idea will need an expert sewer, however, the results will be head-turning while you strut on any street. Chose a beige, brown or other neutral toned shawl and create a simple yet fabulous cape to go. Keep the length lower than your thighs to keep the figure slimming and elongated. You can pair this cape with jeans, skirts or your favorite dress during any winter evening. Capes are very much ‘in’ nowadays, and from now onwards, easy to make. DIY capes that we suggest will help you create a style statement on any day. Chose the color, cloth, pattern of shawl wisely.

Add some pearls to your regular thongs and strut like a diva

We know you must have got this idea until now, that it is not that difficult to transform your simple outfits into trendy ones. But we also understand that you feel accessories cannot be made or transformed that easy. Not now! if you imagine well and chose some styles to create, reviving old and boring shoes is not difficult. Take any regular thong or yours and wrap pearl lace around it. You can keep the ends of laces open to adding a style of tying on ankles or cut them after wrapping both sides. This will change your thong into stylish ones for any beach party or a bonfire with drinks. Pair these pearl slip-ins with a sarong, or wrap up the dress and walk in style.

After all these DIY tricks of changing your simple outfits to trendy ones, we won’t just stop. We will keep finding some more ideas and add them here to let you look like a fashionista. If you chose any of these, send us your creations and comment here. We would love to hear from our readers about some more life hacks they invent.
Change for good, change for style!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

5 Footwear that Every Plus Size should Own

5 Footwear that Every Plus Size should Own

After talking millions of times about outfits, we always forget about the right accessories for a curvy body. We land into slipping in some uncomfortable shoes or jewelry that doesn’t go with our shape and size. For now, with this article, we are going to tell you everything about the right pair of shoes, that is fabulous, and that you must have for every kind of occasion. Just for size, curvy girls never need to compromise. Yes, comfortability is foremost for you. You can get that comfy style in any kind; Sandals, pumps, boots or flats.

We will list some must-haves for every bodacious girl out there. Match them with any dresses or occasions this season and rock everywhere. It’s no 1970s when you needed orthopedic shoes for your size, now there are many different styles, designs, colors, heels available for plus-size women. Slip in, and Strut on the streets. Go as low or high, as your ankles allow. Cover them, show them or tease, you need to have these on your next shoe shopping:

High Heeled Strappy Wedges

Wedges always get you comfortable in walking and cool in looks. You can match these high heeled strappy colorful wedges with any casual or semi-formal occasion. The best part of straps is, they cover your chubby ankles and show them just right and beautiful. You want to have a pedicure before wearing strappy sandals. Your wedges can be as high as you feel comfortable in. They will give you a sleek, stylish and trendy look every time and you have no fear of wobbling too much. Pair them with Jeans, skirts or dresses.

Trendsetting Loafers

Trendsetting Loafers

Being a plus-size myself, I always concentrated on buying flats. Ballerinas or flat shows were my only way out of shoe trends. But now, I have the most comfortable and stylish option in flat shoes. That are trendy loafers. They are available in multi colors, pointed or wide fit, chunky sole, sporty feel with voguish looks. Pair them with pants, striped dresses, skirts or jackets. They won’t ditch your looks and comfortability.

Suede Pumps

High Heeled Strappy Wedges

For those who are looking for high heels and comfy shoes, wide heels on pumps are just what you want. You can choose any color or material like suede or leather. Though, suede gives it more comfy finish, excellent eye-catching look and a combination of formal and informal look. You can pair them with anything of your choice as per the occasion. A wild night, an office meet, a brunch with friends, they never fail in making you look fabulous. You can also get something in a little glitter to make it more vibrant. Heels add a slimming factor to our body and therefore, don’t shy away from wearing heels on any day.

Comfy Platforms

Comfy Platforms

Platforms are sturdy and comfortable than any other heel. They let you walk easier and helps you look stylish even if you are a little plus-size or more. They are the first choice of every curvy lady. Platforms are available in a number of styles and colors. And you can pair them with any dress of your choice. A skinny jeans and shirt are a must match for your platform. They hold your feet tight and firm to help you strut like a fashion diva. You can get platform heels in sling backs, strappy shoes or boots.

Ankle-length Boots

Ankle-length Boots

As the winter approaches, a beautiful ankle length pair of boots is the perfect addition to your shoe rack. You can wear them anywhere any day with any outfit of your choice. A must have a pair that has comfortability intact with style. Get them in neutral tones to match with any outfit. You have options to buy them in platform heels, wedge or flats. A little heel always gives your figure a slimmer look and adds grace to your attire. Flattering and gorgeous, they have it all. Moreover, ankle length doesn’t need many efforts in pairing any dress and you can pair these with anything.

Nothing beats the beauty effects of heels to give that slight elongation in legs. It helps you look more elegant, poised and lean in your plus size silhouette. A Small kitten heel, short stack or block. You also have options in styles of your heels like all above. More, you can choose among, ankle coverage, sling-backs, peekaboos or others. For thicker ankles, avoid T-straps and chose the ones that show and hide just in the right amount. If comfort is what you’re looking for, avoid anything that makes your feet bite. Nothing spoils a day more than bad shoes that pinch you while you walk. Take pride in wearing anything that makes you love your feet and walk with grace.

Tell us more about your happy feet after you add any of our suggestions to your rack. Don’t forget to write to us. Cheers!

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Curvy Girl's Fitness Mantra to Stay Healthy

Curvy Girls Fitness Ideas: How to Stay Healthier in 2017

Winter is coming to an end and it is the time to get out of all those extra layers that make you look heavier. Many of us make huge new resolutions for the new year but forget them in almost a month or twice. However, this year let's start small and get to a bigger target piece by piece. Let's not aim to a bikini size zero body but take our first steps towards a healthy life.

It is the time when everyone wants to look fit and welcome the next season energetically. We walk, run and gym all summer and lose some weight but it is way more difficult with colder days to get up, get out and work the fat off! With these chilly winds, lazing around the chimney and having Christmas cookies are the most tempting choice to go. Eating all day, enjoying the yearly holidays and adding on calories may get you easy but it is very important to remember that ‘this’ is the time for real work-out and look your best in your favorite bikini season.

Also, any more weight can add many health problems for you. Obesity or overweight issues are in numerous and only one solution can get your curves tuned, HEALTHY REGIME. No more just lazing around now! Pledge for more fitness with these simple mantras for all the curvy girls out there. Keeping your regime intact even in winters will keep you in shape, beautiful and glowing.

Don’t you want that unwanted fat to shed off with least efforts and most results? Don’t you just want to look your best in this new year? So, together we make every other girl envy of you and boys fall for you, in a beat. Have a read here for some health tips that will bring magic to your looks in just a few days:
  1. Running is More Fun in Winters!
    Though it doesn't sound like a tempting idea to get out of bed in a cold morning, but a little enthusiasm can be brought in for fitness. Believe me, you will love running in these winter mornings, but only if you try it! Add some motivating factor to it, like, go shopping for a new pair of sweatpants, a headband that keeps your ears warm; You can load your Mobile or iPod with tracks that you love and go running with more fun every day. Try to have a glass of warm water as you wake up and go for running, before your breakfast and coffee.
  2. Eat Light and Get Sunlight Every Day!
    In winters, all you need is a daily dose of Sunlight that gives you an ample amount of Vitamin D for staying healthier. It nourishes your skin and adds a glow to it if taken in the right amount. Don’t shy away from it in concern of your complexion or if it is windy outside. A little sunlight every day will let your skin breath and get rejuvenated. With Vitamin D, you want other nutrition too, in winters. Why not plan a nutrition rich diet every day with lots of liquids from the month of December to March.
  3. Cold kills Thirst, But Don’t Forget to have Lots of Liquids!
    For every curvy woman, it’s a must to add more liquids like milk, juices, health drinks with fiber, coconut milk and more in any season. And now that it is winter, you won’t feel thirsty but remember to have lots of liquids. This will keep your fat in control and keep you in shape, no matter bodacious. It is a season when you don't even notice that you don’t feel like having water much, but keep a reminder for yourself to drink water as many times as possible, in a day. Your body needs more liquids to get you energized on cold days.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

5 Plus Size Cocktail Dresses to Conquer this Festive Season

Top 5 Plus Size Evening Dresses for Curvy Girls

Are you still hitting the parties with the same kind of dresses, just to hide your figure flaws? Are you one of those curvy girls who shy away from figure-flattering dresses? Stop wearing the loose, unfit or solid colored clothes that may never work for your beauty. Then again, the question remains.. if not that, what else?? Believe me, I, myself, struggled with such wardrobe crisis for years. And, finally, I have something to make myself able to present with a classy and amazing style at evening parties.

Since I have kind of figured out these simple secrets for amazing style statements, I really want to share these with you beautiful curvy divas out there. Here is something that will help you achieve that flawless look. It is my personally tried out list of trending plus size party dresses that can help you set all new standards this year. They are versatile and ready-to-wear in any season. I have listed out what’s “in” this season and what can bring the best of your curves while hiding the imperfections. Pick the right color and accessorize it right, you are all set for an evening walk you never had before. Just bring in the compliments!

Every little couturier is designing plus size outfits that can “hung” just right on you. Millions of options in any cut, sleeve, and neckline are available online or at your nearest market. Don’t hesitate in trying anything available in your size and don’t decide before trying it on. I will let you know what to match this season and pairing of the best accessories with it. This is the time when you need to stop being complexed about your bust or heavy thighs. Especially, when you can look as classy as anyone on earth can be. Try these ideas for all the upcoming events of this holiday season and make a bold and beautiful statement for the world.
Plus size jewel-toned dress for curvy lady

Glittering Sequin Jewel-Toned Dress

Elegant, Sultry finished and hiding all the flaws in one dress. No need to add any accessories to it, just drape it and go for that special evening you have been waiting for all month. The color and figure hugging fit of this dress will highlight the best in you. Mind that you chose this only for the big parties with glam and shimmer, nothing simple! You don’t want to look too gaudy anyway.

Tip#1: Pair it with a beautiful finger ring or a bracelet to be trendier. Right shoes for this look will be pumps in any color with wavy or curly hair.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Top 10 Plus Size Outfits you Gotta try this Winter

It is not just our special occasions around the year, but summers, falls and autumns are dreading too. What to wear and what not to wear adds wrinkles on our face every new season. And now! the most special time, the winter holidays, are coming upon. Christmas, New Years and so much is going to be planned and that is when your wardrobe calls for new additions.

But that’s not all, the real problems starts when it comes to curvy girls like us. When all the fashion magazines, websites, social media, every other where we look, we find skinny models. And, eventually we start planning our outfit plans according to those showcases. And, many times end up with wardrobe malfunction incidents or uncomfortable clothing.

If you are a girl like me,  a little more heavy than the fashion divas displayed on websites and showrooms? And have  an urge to wear head-turning-dresses that makes you look most stylish this season? Then, this something you should give a read to.

If you are a curvy lady with a fashion craving and have no idea what the coming winter shopping must have? Here is the perfect place to find out some special looks you can try on this season.
Colourwise! Now that the time for bright summery dresses is gone, upcoming months are the ones for darker yet trendier shades. Plums, rusty or berry shades with the latest cuts are in for plus size women.

En plus, you can try these colors and patterns in mix-and-match for all your dresses this winter. Since winter needs more layering, we want you to style these layers in such a way that they don’t add any weight to your look. Slim, strut and make them all jealous with our top 10 plus size dressing ideas in winter 2016-17.

Still confused? All we say is, weather of sweaters is officially in, have a look:
  • Jacket with Pencil Skirt for the party time:
    Add color to your winter wardrobe with jewel toned jackets and a pencil skirt for thinner look. This look is totally a go-go for curvy girls for New Year or Christmas office parties this holiday. You can pair these jackets with your favorite pair of Jeans for a more casual look during the day. Jacket with tone down your thigh area’s bulge and pencil skirt will flaunt the shape well below them.

  • Add Fringe to your look for a slimming touch:
    This season add some fringes to your plus size jackets for an unmatched look. Longer the better; Fringes will enhance the height and minimize the curvy girls’ flaws. You can hang sling bags with fringes too for a trendier touch during a day out with your friends. Color suggestions for this look in fringes: Copper, Rust, Maroon, Gray, Peru.

  • A cape is a must, Buy it Now:
    For a formal or a casual trendy look, add a cape to your wardrobe this winter. If you like a poncho and cannot wear it on your size, get an open poncho or a cape will work too. Mark that the cape’s length should be long enough to cover your curvy back to give you a slimmer look. If you own a jumpsuit, you want to try it together with the cape in contrast shade.  All your plus size outfits will complement with this cape for a super-diva look on the streets. You can add boots matching to the cape or contrast it for a more fashionable look.

  • Pair thin layers inside and loose knits outside:
    For a colder day, do not add thick layers in such a way that they make you look fatter. Add leggings and skinny inner for a warmer feel inside and stylish knit cardigans or tunics on the outside. This will protect you from cold and keep your slimming look stylish. If you are going for knits, try closely knitted winter wear.

  • Plaid, Patterns and Playful Denims:
    If you like to be casual no matter what the occasion is, all you want is a bare necessary denim. A denim goes with all the seasons but it becomes all the more stylish in winters. This winter, pair these jeans with plaid and patterns that are slimming. Try vertical stripes, mini checks or plaid. Mind that your inner and jackets should not clash in patterns or become bright together, just compliment them with ankle boots for a trendy statement.

  • Add solid jackets with patterned plus size dresses:
    If you buy a fuzzy geometric patterned dress, pair it with a solid jacket for cold climate and slimming look. You don’t want your jacket to lose what statement could it make with a solid dress that doesn’t enhance its look.

  • Curvy Girls’ Flower dress with Leather Jack:
    If you like leather accessories and jackets, add some feminine colors and patterns with them. You don’t want to publish yourself as a rodeo this winter. Yes, Leather jackets keep you warm, but a little color with dark colored leather will turn-style-on.

  • An ankle length jacket with ripped jeans for a girly date:
    This one is my favorite being a curvy girl myself. A long comfy jacket in sepia or brown with ripped jeans will let you set free your inner diva. Walk, eat, chat or shop, this look is a ready-to-hang-out look for any cold day.

  • If you feel bored of dark shades, pastels have a way too:
    Sometimes, in winters, your wardrobe demands some light shades too. May it be your formal plus size dresses or casual dresses, try adding some pastels.  The mantra is keeping your outfit monochromatic and add a surprise of pastels onto them like a misty-rose jacket or pear colored scarf. You can match your heels with the pastel shade for elegance.

  • Knee length boots and suede skirt:
    Buy a faux suede skirt and pair them up with knee length boots for extra slimming effect this winter. All you want this winter is covering your legs, pants are not the only option for you. Keep it stylish with long boots and parade a chic look.
Some extra tips for plus size outfits: Do not hitch in adding a belt to any winter jacket of yours for slimming look. Military colors will rock this year, add them to elegant colors and flaunt your look. Accessories like boots, belts or bags never fail to display you as a fashionista.

So, are you ready to go to that special winter date or party all night this season with these new outfit ideas? Comment below on how did you like us and let us know about your new-found looks after reading this article. Happy Holidays!

*Image Source: Pinterest and Google image search results