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Top 10 Plus Size Outfits you Gotta try this Winter

It is not just our special occasions around the year, but summers, falls and autumns are dreading too. What to wear and what not to wear adds wrinkles on our face every new season. And now! the most special time, the winter holidays, are coming upon. Christmas, New Years and so much is going to be planned and that is when your wardrobe calls for new additions.

But that’s not all, the real problems starts when it comes to curvy girls like us. When all the fashion magazines, websites, social media, every other where we look, we find skinny models. And, eventually we start planning our outfit plans according to those showcases. And, many times end up with wardrobe malfunction incidents or uncomfortable clothing.

If you are a girl like me,  a little more heavy than the fashion divas displayed on websites and showrooms? And have  an urge to wear head-turning-dresses that makes you look most stylish this season? Then, this something you should give a read to.

If you are a curvy lady with a fashion craving and have no idea what the coming winter shopping must have? Here is the perfect place to find out some special looks you can try on this season.
Colourwise! Now that the time for bright summery dresses is gone, upcoming months are the ones for darker yet trendier shades. Plums, rusty or berry shades with the latest cuts are in for plus size women.

En plus, you can try these colors and patterns in mix-and-match for all your dresses this winter. Since winter needs more layering, we want you to style these layers in such a way that they don’t add any weight to your look. Slim, strut and make them all jealous with our top 10 plus size dressing ideas in winter 2016-17.

Still confused? All we say is, weather of sweaters is officially in, have a look:
  • Jacket with Pencil Skirt for the party time:
    Add color to your winter wardrobe with jewel toned jackets and a pencil skirt for thinner look. This look is totally a go-go for curvy girls for New Year or Christmas office parties this holiday. You can pair these jackets with your favorite pair of Jeans for a more casual look during the day. Jacket with tone down your thigh area’s bulge and pencil skirt will flaunt the shape well below them.

  • Add Fringe to your look for a slimming touch:
    This season add some fringes to your plus size jackets for an unmatched look. Longer the better; Fringes will enhance the height and minimize the curvy girls’ flaws. You can hang sling bags with fringes too for a trendier touch during a day out with your friends. Color suggestions for this look in fringes: Copper, Rust, Maroon, Gray, Peru.

  • A cape is a must, Buy it Now:
    For a formal or a casual trendy look, add a cape to your wardrobe this winter. If you like a poncho and cannot wear it on your size, get an open poncho or a cape will work too. Mark that the cape’s length should be long enough to cover your curvy back to give you a slimmer look. If you own a jumpsuit, you want to try it together with the cape in contrast shade.  All your plus size outfits will complement with this cape for a super-diva look on the streets. You can add boots matching to the cape or contrast it for a more fashionable look.

  • Pair thin layers inside and loose knits outside:
    For a colder day, do not add thick layers in such a way that they make you look fatter. Add leggings and skinny inner for a warmer feel inside and stylish knit cardigans or tunics on the outside. This will protect you from cold and keep your slimming look stylish. If you are going for knits, try closely knitted winter wear.

  • Plaid, Patterns and Playful Denims:
    If you like to be casual no matter what the occasion is, all you want is a bare necessary denim. A denim goes with all the seasons but it becomes all the more stylish in winters. This winter, pair these jeans with plaid and patterns that are slimming. Try vertical stripes, mini checks or plaid. Mind that your inner and jackets should not clash in patterns or become bright together, just compliment them with ankle boots for a trendy statement.

  • Add solid jackets with patterned plus size dresses:
    If you buy a fuzzy geometric patterned dress, pair it with a solid jacket for cold climate and slimming look. You don’t want your jacket to lose what statement could it make with a solid dress that doesn’t enhance its look.

  • Curvy Girls’ Flower dress with Leather Jack:
    If you like leather accessories and jackets, add some feminine colors and patterns with them. You don’t want to publish yourself as a rodeo this winter. Yes, Leather jackets keep you warm, but a little color with dark colored leather will turn-style-on.

  • An ankle length jacket with ripped jeans for a girly date:
    This one is my favorite being a curvy girl myself. A long comfy jacket in sepia or brown with ripped jeans will let you set free your inner diva. Walk, eat, chat or shop, this look is a ready-to-hang-out look for any cold day.

  • If you feel bored of dark shades, pastels have a way too:
    Sometimes, in winters, your wardrobe demands some light shades too. May it be your formal plus size dresses or casual dresses, try adding some pastels.  The mantra is keeping your outfit monochromatic and add a surprise of pastels onto them like a misty-rose jacket or pear colored scarf. You can match your heels with the pastel shade for elegance.

  • Knee length boots and suede skirt:
    Buy a faux suede skirt and pair them up with knee length boots for extra slimming effect this winter. All you want this winter is covering your legs, pants are not the only option for you. Keep it stylish with long boots and parade a chic look.
Some extra tips for plus size outfits: Do not hitch in adding a belt to any winter jacket of yours for slimming look. Military colors will rock this year, add them to elegant colors and flaunt your look. Accessories like boots, belts or bags never fail to display you as a fashionista.

So, are you ready to go to that special winter date or party all night this season with these new outfit ideas? Comment below on how did you like us and let us know about your new-found looks after reading this article. Happy Holidays!

*Image Source: Pinterest and Google image search results

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