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5 Plus Size Cocktail Dresses to Conquer this Festive Season

Top 5 Plus Size Evening Dresses for Curvy Girls

Are you still hitting the parties with the same kind of dresses, just to hide your figure flaws? Are you one of those curvy girls who shy away from figure-flattering dresses? Stop wearing the loose, unfit or solid colored clothes that may never work for your beauty. Then again, the question remains.. if not that, what else?? Believe me, I, myself, struggled with such wardrobe crisis for years. And, finally, I have something to make myself able to present with a classy and amazing style at evening parties.

Since I have kind of figured out these simple secrets for amazing style statements, I really want to share these with you beautiful curvy divas out there. Here is something that will help you achieve that flawless look. It is my personally tried out list of trending plus size party dresses that can help you set all new standards this year. They are versatile and ready-to-wear in any season. I have listed out what’s “in” this season and what can bring the best of your curves while hiding the imperfections. Pick the right color and accessorize it right, you are all set for an evening walk you never had before. Just bring in the compliments!

Every little couturier is designing plus size outfits that can “hung” just right on you. Millions of options in any cut, sleeve, and neckline are available online or at your nearest market. Don’t hesitate in trying anything available in your size and don’t decide before trying it on. I will let you know what to match this season and pairing of the best accessories with it. This is the time when you need to stop being complexed about your bust or heavy thighs. Especially, when you can look as classy as anyone on earth can be. Try these ideas for all the upcoming events of this holiday season and make a bold and beautiful statement for the world.
Plus size jewel-toned dress for curvy lady

Glittering Sequin Jewel-Toned Dress

Elegant, Sultry finished and hiding all the flaws in one dress. No need to add any accessories to it, just drape it and go for that special evening you have been waiting for all month. The color and figure hugging fit of this dress will highlight the best in you. Mind that you chose this only for the big parties with glam and shimmer, nothing simple! You don’t want to look too gaudy anyway.

Tip#1: Pair it with a beautiful finger ring or a bracelet to be trendier. Right shoes for this look will be pumps in any color with wavy or curly hair.

Plus size dress with long sleeves and cutouts

Sexy cutouts and long sleeves

One thing that a curvy woman always should remember; long sleeves always compliment your shape. If worn with pencil shaped dresses or skirts, all the better. It makes you look slimmer and hides most fat flaws in arms. Add a cutout cocktail dress for any festivity in tones of black, cocoa or navy anything would go just gorgeous!
As it is winter, you can pair this with a long trench for outings before and after party.

Tip#2: You can never go wrong with black in this look. Show just the right amount of skin for not so extreme look. You can also pair this dress with boots for a cold evening and add some hoops with long hair. You can also use a bracelet or tens of bangles in one hand but do mind, that they are carried right!

High-low skirt are perfect dress for casual parties

How about a High-low skirt/dress?

Evening wear can be fun too if the occasion demands. And, one such style that’s popular in plus size dresses is a high-low asymmetrical skirt. This will let you look stunning if worn in dark shades during evening parties or in pastel colors at any brunch. You can look even more elegant and classy with a mid-waist belt and straight hair. Well, if you are not sure, just try it on and prove me right!

Tip#3: Don’t go for full or three-fourth sleeves with this look as it will show more weight on you. Try only short sleeves or even strapless if you can, with a gemstones’ choke on it. Strappy sandals will just add more sugar to this dress on an evening. For winters, you can carry unbuttoned fur coats and ankle length boots in suede.

White evening dress for curvy ladies

Go white! It’s edgy

An all-white evening dress is pretty bold for curvy girls, you must believe! But all I say is wear it correct, you can rock any evening during this holiday season. Pair a white or vanilla cocktail dress with golden earrings and golden heels. Make sure you decide this look for some party that doesn’t show you overdressed.

Tip#4: For a curvy figure, wearing white or cream colored dresses can be a little daring. It’s a myth about pastel or white tones and fatty bodies that look even fatter. But I say, if worn in the right fitting, you can totally look perfect. And, if you’re a fan of white color like me, make sure you even it with the colored earring, neckless or bracelet and shoes. You can also wear colored and double breasted jackets for your route to the party.

Strapless plunging neckline in patterned cocktail dresses

Strapless plunging neckline in patterned cocktail dresses

Any festival, day parties, weekend brunches or semi-formal events, strut in this style and let them just go envy. The plunging neckline should be worn with right bra and necklaces with an edge. Patterned dresses are available in flair or pencil shapes. You can also choose princes' cut to show an expensive pattern. You can pair this outfit with strappy sandals or gladiator pumps in silver.

Tipe#5: Try only vertical looking patterns like I always suggest you. My personal favorite is the haphazard geometric pattern in gray or rust that can be tried for anytime parties.

So, if you are planning with your beau for a special trip and have evenings in your hand. You can try any of these looks. Or you can make all your ladies jealous by strutting through in them during any cocktail party. Why should you be scared of plus size, when you can fit into anything beautiful that can enhance your natural beauty. You are just more bodacious curvy than others, and that’s something to flaunt, not hide. Shopping for cocktail dresses or semi-formal party dresses can be made fun and more exciting with all these trendy tips and ideas here. I hope you loved my recommendations, and you are going to try them!

Don’t forget to send me reviews on them and some of your photo looks post reading this. It’s going to be an even more classy holiday season than you ever thought. Because Now, dressing with a statement will be added to the to-do-list.

Season’s Greetings!

*Image Source: Pinterest and Google image search results

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