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Curvy Girl's Fitness Mantra to Stay Healthy

Curvy Girls Fitness Ideas: How to Stay Healthier in 2017

Winter is coming to an end and it is the time to get out of all those extra layers that make you look heavier. Many of us make huge new resolutions for the new year but forget them in almost a month or twice. However, this year let's start small and get to a bigger target piece by piece. Let's not aim to a bikini size zero body but take our first steps towards a healthy life.

It is the time when everyone wants to look fit and welcome the next season energetically. We walk, run and gym all summer and lose some weight but it is way more difficult with colder days to get up, get out and work the fat off! With these chilly winds, lazing around the chimney and having Christmas cookies are the most tempting choice to go. Eating all day, enjoying the yearly holidays and adding on calories may get you easy but it is very important to remember that ‘this’ is the time for real work-out and look your best in your favorite bikini season.

Also, any more weight can add many health problems for you. Obesity or overweight issues are in numerous and only one solution can get your curves tuned, HEALTHY REGIME. No more just lazing around now! Pledge for more fitness with these simple mantras for all the curvy girls out there. Keeping your regime intact even in winters will keep you in shape, beautiful and glowing.

Don’t you want that unwanted fat to shed off with least efforts and most results? Don’t you just want to look your best in this new year? So, together we make every other girl envy of you and boys fall for you, in a beat. Have a read here for some health tips that will bring magic to your looks in just a few days:
  1. Running is More Fun in Winters!
    Though it doesn't sound like a tempting idea to get out of bed in a cold morning, but a little enthusiasm can be brought in for fitness. Believe me, you will love running in these winter mornings, but only if you try it! Add some motivating factor to it, like, go shopping for a new pair of sweatpants, a headband that keeps your ears warm; You can load your Mobile or iPod with tracks that you love and go running with more fun every day. Try to have a glass of warm water as you wake up and go for running, before your breakfast and coffee.
  2. Eat Light and Get Sunlight Every Day!
    In winters, all you need is a daily dose of Sunlight that gives you an ample amount of Vitamin D for staying healthier. It nourishes your skin and adds a glow to it if taken in the right amount. Don’t shy away from it in concern of your complexion or if it is windy outside. A little sunlight every day will let your skin breath and get rejuvenated. With Vitamin D, you want other nutrition too, in winters. Why not plan a nutrition rich diet every day with lots of liquids from the month of December to March.
  3. Cold kills Thirst, But Don’t Forget to have Lots of Liquids!
    For every curvy woman, it’s a must to add more liquids like milk, juices, health drinks with fiber, coconut milk and more in any season. And now that it is winter, you won’t feel thirsty but remember to have lots of liquids. This will keep your fat in control and keep you in shape, no matter bodacious. It is a season when you don't even notice that you don’t feel like having water much, but keep a reminder for yourself to drink water as many times as possible, in a day. Your body needs more liquids to get you energized on cold days.
  4. Sleep Enough but Don’t be Lazy!
    You cannot bail on sleep during cold weather. Sleeping for 7-8 hours every day is utmost important for a glowing skin and healthy body. Still, put your alarms on, as you don’t want to sleep too much. Sometimes sleeping too much makes you lazy and it gives your body additional chance to add weight. This tightens your muscles and lets your nerves sleeping. So, sleep but never too much.
  5. Go Ice-Skating!
    If you like ice-Capades and have some ice-skating rinks around, give a visit there every now and then during this season. Skating increases blood circulation and lets you lose calories in no time. You should do this with your family or friends, to add up to the fun with exercising. Make sure to stay safe and do it under right supervision, if you are new to ice-skating.
  6. Join a Gym or Exercise at Home
    If you are not as disciplined, as it is needed for regular workouts, and you think that’s the reason of your over-weight, you can join a gym for the season. This will help you wake up on time, go to the Gym and workout with trainers. Spending a penny and wasting it will not be something you like. Hence, discipline comes with your spendings in a gym. You can also choose some home exercises or practice yoga if you think you can make it a regime. Exercising is essential, not only during the winters, as you consume too many calories in parties, family gatherings and your leisure time, you want them to burn too.
  7. Add a Sport to your Hobby!
    Sometimes, just exercising could be boring. If you like playing or you crave for a new hobby, add a sport to your list. Tennis, Badminton, Soccer, Table-tennis or any other of your choice that needs some hard work to burn some more calories. You can also join a winter club for learning these and you can get your friends there every day to play with you. It’s always good to play an outdoor or indoor sport that brings you a run, some workout and too many new skills you never mastered.
  8. If you Have a Dog, Go for a Walk!
    If you have a pet, especially dogs, you can take him for a walk every day. This will add some walking to your fitness regime and help in better health during winters. If you do not own a dog yet, you can also help your friends in dog-walking or adopt one. As these creatures are friendly loving and support a healthy lifestyle. Walking them, having some fresh air in mornings or evenings around some green areas and parks will let you feel rejuvenated too.
All these health tips will definitely keep you fit during this festive cold winter and help you get a good shape for coming season. The curvy girls ought to take care about every little pound they add. You don’t want to lose your best dresses just for a size number added. It’s very easy to just ignore the healthy body’s call and go lazy. But all you gotta do is choose one of these mantras and stick to it. Eat healthy, think healthy, and don’t forget working out every day.

Happy New Year!

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