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DIY Life Hacks: How to Transform Simple Outfits into the Trendy Ones

DIY Life Hacks: How to Transform Simple Outfits into the Trendy Ones

Not very long ago, I used to hate every outfit I had in my wardrobe. Nothing suited me or any occasion I went to, for their large size, solid boring colors and the style with which I wore them. I always wished for something like the supermodels wear and had an urge of more shopping. Only to result in more boring clothes which finally landed in carts after the disappointments from small sized ones.

However, I recently went through a lot of DIY tricks on the internet, I tried some, and found them really practical. Which led me to more experiments with my outfits. I tried to change a boring white tee shirt into something stylish, by ripping some parts of it and adding some dyes of pink shades and pearls to it. And it worked!! Miraculously, this tee shirt looked so chic and trendy on me. En plus, It takes care of the plus size factor and worked well on me.

This small trial made me realize that I could transform many of my outdated outfits into the trendy ones just by using some DIY tricks. All you want is an idea to change your regular old and simple outfits into trendy ones. And, after a series of experiments I have got a list of ideas that always work great and not only for me but for many other curvy girls like me out there.

This list has ideas that I believe would do the trick for you and make you look more fabulous without another expense on shopping. You can also convert some old household stuff into trendy accessories, or old sweaters/stoles in scarves.

Rip it and create a fabulous ragged Jeans

Rip it and create a fabulous ragged Jeans

Everywhere you see, you’ll find these expensive ragged jeans that are worn by celebrities or divas. You can also convert your regular jeans into something super-hot. Take a blade and rip the front of your jeans from knees or thighs, wherever you like. You can also choose what amount of rip you want. You can rag it largely or just a small amount to style it. We will suggest you, you chose a blue (Especially lighter shades) jeans to rag. Pair this with a white shirt, an overcoat and loafers for a street go. You can also pair it with glittery blouses for a night-out/party. These jeans will add much more fun to your regular dressing in no time or sewing.

Add a lace to Tees or Denim, give them elegance and style

It has been a common concept among plus size woman, that lace is not for them. Just don’t shy away from this and remove this myth from your mind. You can wear lace in any color and look as elegant and vogue as your friends. Also, you can add some lace to your old clothing to make them even more beautiful. You can rip off a regular tee shirt from the back and add some lace inside to make it look more designer. You can also ass some lace in halter to a boring tank top. For a more long lasting design, add a white lace to the cuffs of your old jeans or rip it and add it inside. You can then pair these with suede/leather counterparts.

Turn a tee into a cardigan and style it with a button down shirt to look slim figured

Double clothing is bulky but always good when opened and loose on the outer. It's slimming and designer for any day out. This idea can be implemented on a formal outfit too if the color is good. All you have to do is, take a pair of scissors and cut your woolen tee-shirt's front from the center. Cut it straight in line and sew the ends to make it look like a ready-made cardigan and add some buttons if you like. The pair it with a contrasting or matchy button down shirt. This outfit can work on all occasions, formal, semi-formal or casual. Try to pick a tee-shirt that is fitting your figure. This look is complete when paired with a skirt or trousers. You can also keep the cardigan buttons tight over the shirt and collar peep out.

DIY infinity scarf

A regular shawl or a stole that doesn’t look good while wrapped will definitely need this trick to go. You can cut the shawl or stole horizontally from center to keep its width less. Then sew the ends to each other fairly. Wrap this infinity scarf around your neck with a casual jacket or a long trench on a cold day. This will give your busty top a hide and show you figured and chic. If the stole if striped or flowery, it is a plus for such a trendy accessory on you. When you wrap it, don’t forget to twist it while wrapping. Let us know how much did you like your newly made, DIY infinity scarf!

Add some hearts or a cute pocket to your plain t-shirts

This is probably the easiest of all other tricks we showed so far. All you gotta do is chose a tee shirt with a good material but solid, and that you don’t like to wear for its boring no-design look. Cut a fabric in tiny heart pieces and paste/stitch them on this tee shirt haphazardly but distant to each other. You can choose any contrasting color and design your own cute tee shirt. If you don’t want it to be just hearts, you can mix different shapes like geometric squares, polka or triangle. You can also choose a single cut out of the moon and some stars to your black tea. Also, if not many cut outs, chose a fabric that is printed with cutesy prints and add a pocket of it on your solid tee. A floral pink printed pocket will look amazingly pretty on a white/baby blue t-shirt. Try now!

Cut slits in an old t-shirt (Strictly vertically) and add some slip inside to look like a fashionista

We may have told you many options for a t-shirt revelation now, but this is my favorite. It is strictly for a slimmer and casual look that you crave for on a Sunday brunch or a movie with friends. Cut slits on your boring t-shirt or a closed and thin cardigan. Rip it vertically, which can be a little tricky but you can do it under supervision. Don’t rip it much but a little to show a contrasting tank (slip) inside. Vertical stripes will highlight your bodacious figure with a slimming effect. Pair it with boots and a pair of jeans that you ripped by yourself.

Add some beads and make your old plus size outfits ravishing and glittering

Not just your old blouses, anything can be transformed into party wear clothing by adding some beads, buttons or pearls. But only in the right way and we will tell you how! On formal blouses, may it be checkered, polka dotted or striped, you can add some colorful beads on collar until 3 buttons downside. This will change your boring office shirt into an evening wear to put on later. On Jeans, you can add some starry buttons on one thigh and create a fancy bottom out of a simple one. For a slimming effect, you can add starry beads in vertical lines on your shirts and make them trendier.

Trendy cape out of an old geometric shawl

This idea will need an expert sewer, however, the results will be head-turning while you strut on any street. Chose a beige, brown or other neutral toned shawl and create a simple yet fabulous cape to go. Keep the length lower than your thighs to keep the figure slimming and elongated. You can pair this cape with jeans, skirts or your favorite dress during any winter evening. Capes are very much ‘in’ nowadays, and from now onwards, easy to make. DIY capes that we suggest will help you create a style statement on any day. Chose the color, cloth, pattern of shawl wisely.

Add some pearls to your regular thongs and strut like a diva

We know you must have got this idea until now, that it is not that difficult to transform your simple outfits into trendy ones. But we also understand that you feel accessories cannot be made or transformed that easy. Not now! if you imagine well and chose some styles to create, reviving old and boring shoes is not difficult. Take any regular thong or yours and wrap pearl lace around it. You can keep the ends of laces open to adding a style of tying on ankles or cut them after wrapping both sides. This will change your thong into stylish ones for any beach party or a bonfire with drinks. Pair these pearl slip-ins with a sarong, or wrap up the dress and walk in style.

After all these DIY tricks of changing your simple outfits to trendy ones, we won’t just stop. We will keep finding some more ideas and add them here to let you look like a fashionista. If you chose any of these, send us your creations and comment here. We would love to hear from our readers about some more life hacks they invent.
Change for good, change for style!

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