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How to Pick the Right plus Size Outfit According to your Body Type

How to Pick the Right Plus Size Outfit According to your Body Type

It has always been a myth in bodacious women that they ought to hide their flaws in loose clothing rather than show them beautifully. We have been telling you about many stylish ideas by which you can keep yourself in vogue with rest of the popular body type women.

Not every curvy girl out there have ever analyzed her own body type in order to select the right outfit for her.  She has been putting all her energy into thinking about reducing or hiding it, rather than showing it elegantly and proudly. But, No more! Stand now in front of that mirror in your room and ask yourself, ‘who’s the fairest of ‘em all?’

Judge your body shape and categories are available as following to help you pick your next shopping. Let us know if you need any help in guiding you any more about the body shapes, but we are sure you’ll get a lot post reading this and dilemma on what to buy and what not to buy will no more be about the plus size dresses in your list.

Plus size Hourglass Body Type

If you have a naturally thinner waist then the heavy upper and lower part of your body, you are one of this body type. This is a very famous body type and a common one too. A name that comes right to our mind while thinking of hourglass figure is, Kim Kardashian. Many more celebrities like Christina Hendricks or Sofia Vergara have been carrying their fabulous curvy bodies in style since years. All you have to do is choose wisely the right jeans, top or dress for your figure. Believe us, you’re gifted with this type even if you’re a plus size woman.

Your goal should be to show your curves but in the most elegant manner. Chose V-neck or sweetheart necklines to slim down the bust. Use belts, wear wrap dresses or A-line dresses to show off the curves perfectly. Wear a good bra with fitted clothing and don’t’ go for baggy clothes. You can wear high waist skirts or skinny leg jeans. Also, try to pick light fabrics and pair your most dresses with a little heel.

A Quick-look at the plus size outfits for this body type: 
  • Fit and Flare Dresses
  • Retro outfits
  • Peplum Tops
  • Bodycon dresses

Apple Shape Plus Size Body

If you have an average bust size but a waist that is undefined. And your thighs and legs are thinner than the top, this is your body type- Apple shape. You gotta shoot on showing off your legs or lips like Drew Barrymore, but that’s not an outfit thing. LOL! Concentrate on elongating your torso by wearing empire waist dresses or V-necklines. You would surely want a jacket or a cape when it’s a little cold.

Wear anything that gives your outfit a vertical flow, and strictly, do not wear high necklines or tight tops. Try to drive the on-lookers eyes away from your appley-tummy and show your legs off with short skirts, shorts or party dresses that are thigh length. Also, don’t forget to wear a very good fitting/uplifting bra to give your torso a beautiful shape.

A Quick-look at the plus size outfits for this body type:
  • Tunic tops with leggings
  • Short sheath dresses to show off most legs
  • Slim pants
  • Thick texture/Woven tops

Pear-Shaped Body Type

Have you seen a pear? Don’t mind us saying this because this shape is a very common body type in girls, especially, curvy girls. When your hips are wider, but your shoulders are not that wide and your waist is well defined. Mark for keeping your upper portion bulky and attracting than your bottom. A plunging neckline or a scoop neck is fabulous to choose in any dress for this body type. A pencil skirt or dress will keep your bottom shape-y and beautiful. You can also try A-line dresses to hide your behind and you must have contrasting tops and bottoms for your pear shaped plus size.

You can also wear strapless dresses in this body type. Mind it, you would want high heels with pointy toe to show you tall and lean. Remember that this shape is a classic plus size body type and you will have to decide before you choose any outfit if you want to show off your round bottom or hide it with a bulkier top.

A Quick-look at the plus size outfits for this body type:
  • Stretchy Jeans that fits you well.
  • Tops with Block prints/Abstract prints.
  • Boat Neck, Square Neck or Off-shoulder tops and dresses.
  • Belted A-line dresses

Straight Rectangle Body Type

When you cannot define many curves on your body and your bust, waist, and hip are all in the same width, you are definitely a plus size woman with rectangle body type. Hence, no defined curves will be needed to shape with right outfits. A pencil skirt or dress can add some drama and show your legs in a curvy way. You ought to have some belted dresses to display your waist thinner than the top and bottom. You can wear the crop tops and skirts that are very much in these days to show derive some dimensions.

Get one long Jacket for the winter season to give you a cleaner look. Get some colorful bottoms and you can try the body-con dresses that have side shapes in blocks to define pseudo curves. You can also try some ruffled tops and high necks. Pair these outfits with statement necklaces and heels.

A Quick-look at the plus size outfits for this body type:
  • Shift dresses, fit and flare dresses, 
  • Two-toned jumpsuits
  • Flared, A-line skirts
  • Trumpet dresses in pencil skirt

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body Type

This one is an athletic body shape and such shapes can be plus size too, we know! It’s when your shoulders are wider than your bottom. You can also judge it by your straight waist and hip as compared to your shoulders and bust. If you have a large tummy in this shape, you will lean towards apple shape a little but try to control that as it is already difficult to choose a perfect plus size dress in this body type.

We will start with some ‘don’ts’ in this part first. Avoid wearing boat necklines or any top that accentuate your shoulder width. There is also a strict No-No on skinny jeans and pencil skirts. You can get a full skirt or wide leg pants for this shape. You can also get some high waisted bottoms or buy a wide big belt to create an illusion of a waist. 

A Quick-look at the plus size outfits for this body type:
  • Layered skirts or flared pants
  • Jackets with lower pockets
  • A-line dresses
  • Colorful, dramatic, patterned bottoms and plain tops

For Shorter Height a.k.a. Petite Plus Size Body Type

This is not a shape/body type but a common issue with most plus women with short height. Whatever you chose, you find yourself uncomfortable and you end up choosing loose, unfitted clothes with not style. But what if we say, you can add a lot of fashion in your plus size dressing with just some efforts and positive attitude in experimentation.

Don’t shy away from wearing as many heels as you can carry. Try creating vertical lines, in block colors or geometric patterns. Or wear monochromatic dresses to create a silhouette that is lean and curvy from top to bottom and fabulous heals. Full-length gowns with the right neckline can create a statement for sure. Don’t be afraid of getting a long gown with thigh-high slit if you are comfortable in showing it off.

Tricks to hide fat legs:

Yet another problem with plus size figure is fat legs. Even after buying some right clothes, if your legs are not properly dressed up or hidden well, their fat can bring down your confidence. Sometimes, we land up to showing our chubby ankles and calves in a fashion emergency and that needs to be defined well too. Have a look at some dos’s and don’t here, if you want your legs to look like a diva.

  • Add drama to your upper side with statement necklaces or designer necklines.
  • Why not try some crop tops and matching skirts that are in nowadays.
  • Say no to flats. Add more and more wedged heels to your collection. Do not just buy any heels and add useless weight to your wardrobe.
  • Cover your fat legs with some thin fabrics in dresses or skirts.
  • Try A-lines in long or cocktail length dresses. In evening dresses, choose flares.
  • Get nude pumps now!

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